Scrapping Car in Bedford

If you are looking to Scrap your car and you have not yet found the proper way to do it or the right company, then you are in the right place now. We Scrap Car is known for its professional and polite manner; our customer service representatives will help you with anything you may need. If you are Scrapping a car in Bedford, there are many things you need to be mindful of and we are here to help you through them.

Although the process of Getting your car scrapped sounds easy and fast, there are a few things such as the V5C, the Certificate of Destruction, etc. that you need to keep in mind. Firstly, remember that a V5C, although helpful, is not a requirement for the scrapping of a car. A V5C can cost 25$ to make at the DVLA and that is completely unnecessary if your car is being recycled instead of repaired. If the car is being scrapped, all you need to do is contact the DVLA online or in writing and you do not need the V25C.

When I Scrap my car in Bedford, do I need a Certificate of Destruction?

If your car is being Recycled by the Authorized Treatment Facility (ATF), such as We Scrap Car, it is important to always receive a Certificate of Destruction. Also, remember to only work with companies that are ATF or companies that are Working in relation with ATF. However, it is better to get in contact directly without middle men because then you can have a higher price for your vehicle.

Although, an ATF is not always required to provide you with a Certificate of Destruction because your car may not always be getting destroyed, it can instead be repaired by the ATF depending on its condition and can be sold. Hence, it is up to the Authorized Treatment Facility on how they handle the Vehicle and they are required to provide you with a Certificate if you ask for one and if your vehicle is getting destroyed.

Can I get Cash for Scrap cars in Bedford?

We actually cannot give you cash for your scrap cars, as that is by law not accepted. In short, it’s illegal to give cash in return for a scrap car. Cash was revoked as a method of payment in the act of 2013 and since then no purchases made for scrap can be done via Cash. This law was put in place so it will lower the crime rate of illegal and stolen cars.

Scrap yards were one of the biggest part of criminal profit since there was not a need for identification and metal could be bought with just cash without asking for its origin. However, the use of documentation as well as the requirement of cheque or online transfer have caused there to be a lot truer customer and a lot of decrease in the crime rates regarding scrap metal.

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