Scrap Car Services in Luton

Scrap cars are easy to deal with if you are following the procedures correctly like us, at We Scrap Car. It is important to know the rules and regulations of how a car is scrapped but let’s get into the boring details later on. The first question for most Car scrapping services is the process of purchase. If you have a car that seems to be in a bad condition, is no longer safe to drive and cannot be sold to another purchaser, it is best to just scrap the car. You can call We Scrap Car and we will provide you with the most accurate quote that we can after seeing and hearing the condition of the car and we will help get it off your hands quickly via reliable scar car service in Luton.

Once you call us, we will set up a time with you and come to the address you provide and pick up the car from there. The money will be transferred via a Cheque or a Bank Transfer and we will make sure to help you with any paperwork that may be required. You can always inquire at the number above for any guidance through the paperwork.

Scrapping Car in Luton

Scrapping cars in Luton is a long process that involves different steps. Once we get the car from you, it is our job to take any toxic or harmful parts out of the car by doing it apart. These toxic removals are then sent to the respective disposals that know how to get rid of them without harm, while the rest of the car parts that are still useable are sold to mechanics and garages. What’s left of the car is the metal, which is sold to the metal recycling companies.

Car Scrapping illegally is not as easy as it was before the law changes in 2013 that made Cash Payment Illegal for Scrap Car purchases. This law was put in place to prevent illegal dealers and criminals from selling unknown cars and recycling them in a non-safe way which may not only affect the environment but also the individuals that may get the end result of the recycling. There are still many Scrap car services in Luton that oppose this law, but it is a change for the better.

What do I need to do to scrap my Car in Luton?

How do I scrap my car in Luton? Or What documents do I need? Are the two questions that are most commonly asked by our clients. The documentations involved in the process of Car scrapping are the COD, that is provided by us to you. It is the Certificate of Destruction and it proves that the car will be recycled. You need to contact the DVLA and inform them of your cars sale to the yard so that you do not get taxed and are no longer accountable for the vehicle.

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