Scrap Car service Leighton Buzzard

Scrap cars may not be beneficial to you in any way, so selling them for a good price will help you out. We Scrap Car takes all types of cars, no matter the condition. Although, the price of the car depends on its weight as the heavier the car is, the more we will pay for it, as the metal is most of the cars weight and that is what we need at the yard.

Our junkyard is filled with cars of all conditions and we make sure to process them safely and securely before future use or selling of materials. Car Scrap yards are known to be a hassle most of the tie but not with We Scrap Car, we scrap your car in Leighton Buzzard with fast and professional service. You can call us for any details or anything that concerns you and we will provide you with an answer.

scrap my car Leighton Buzzard

If you have a car that you would like to sell and you don’t know what to do with it, then you must have heard about scrapping the car from someone. Now, the dilemma of “How do I scrap my car in Leighton Buzzard” is very easy and we at We Scrap Car are here to answer you. If you have any car laying around that you do not need anymore and you know it will not re-sell anywhere, you can sell it to us instead.

Many people ask us “What are the processes involved if I Scrap my car?” Well, there are some legal requirements, that depends on the state of the vehicle and the end use of it. Firstly, remember that you cannot be paid for a scrap car in cash, that is Illegal. You can only be aid via a Cheque or a Bank transfer. Secondly, you need to request a Certificate of Destruction for your car, this is so that you are not taxed even after you sell your car to the Yard.

Vehicle Recycling Leighton Buzzard

Remember that after you sell the car to We Scrap Car, it is important to tell the DVLA that you have sold the car, even after the issue of COD or the Certificate of Destruction. It is important to inform the department because otherwise you may keep getting taxed and although the car will be recycled, it will be legally in your name. Especially since there are instances where cars are not recycled, they are only repaired and resold.

Recycling a vehicle involves the car being dismantled and then sold in parts to recycling companies. The process begins after the toxins of a car are removed and it is fully emptied out from the inside, taking the engine and other parts out, any flammable content is removed and all the useable parts are sold to garages, while the empty metal shell is sold to recycling companies.

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