Barb Nutter

I gave my car to this company about a week ago and the experience was quite good, so when I came across them again here, I thought I should leave a review. Pardon my lack of details or content of this review since I don’t know how to write one. The experience was quite great and fast, there were no hassles. They provided a quote after I contacted them, receiving a phone call… They asked me many details, which I realize must be normal for the estimate of cost, I answered and received a pretty good cost. I was pleased with the respectful manner they handled the service with an old fella like myself. All over It was a great service!


Nikkie Dickson

I visited the website with a head full of scepticism, I have never actually scrapped a car before, but that maybe because I’ve had the car that needed the Scrapping for a very long time, almost since high school. The car was very special to me so I was quite unwilling to part with it which made my cynical nature go on steroids. However, they were highly well behaved and well spoken, they took no time to provide me a quote after listening to the details of my car’s condition. The price was actually a lot more than I had Imagined but that maybe due to my lack of knowledge, it was a quick exchange and although I was sad, it didn’t take long for the payment to come through.


Jonathan Peckish

I had an extremely old Ford from my dad’s high school time, didn’t need it and didn’t know much about it, dad didn’t even like it. We called Scrapanycar and they provided us with a great price for this old thing and showed up the next day on time! It was no hassle and the money was transferred right away, causing no problem or Hassle. They were also very polite and well mannered, taking no time to get everything sorted, the exchange was very short and professional!

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